Our Approach and Methodology

NBITS developed a set of tools and services to assist with the design and deployment of the entire Information Technology (IT) infrastructure required for a new field office.

The objective is to provide a step by step workflow to guide the entire process to ensure the deployment of the appropriate secured and robust platform to run the business effectively. NBITS will execute as prescribed within the workflow initiating the process with an interview with the new Office Manager to kick-start infrastructure design.

NBITS is committed to design, procure, install and support the entire IT infrastructure, including Internet access, wired and wireless network, central storage and servers, users’ workstations computers, printers/scanners, fax and telephone systems (virtual PBX). Also- the design of the data architecture; backup systems and disaster prevention and recovery systems; and the end-to-end security plan.

The Information Technology Infrastructure Deployment Workflow (ITIDW) contains 6 distinct phases as illustrated below:



The workflow starts with an in-depth assessment to capture all the information including business and operations requirements. NBITS will also perform a site survey to review the physical location in order to design the right set of services, architecture and network topology for the new office. Once all the information has been captured, NBITS’ team will initiate the order for the Internet service and phone system and will initiate the infrastructure design and continue the workflow all the way to the post-implementation review and follow-up hand by hand with the office management and staff. The following section will provide a description of each of the phases.



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